Plan of Service

Morinville Library Plan of Service 2020-2024

The Libraries Regulation requires boards to have a current plan of service, including a mission statement, goals and objectives, based on a community needs assessment. Our plan of service is created by the Morinville Library Board and sets our priorities for 5 years. You can download the full PDF of our Plan of service from 2020-2024 or view the highlights below.

For more information about regulations and policies, visit Government of Alberta's webpage on provincial public library legislation and policies.

Vision, Mission & Values


Enrich your life at the library


Your community gateway to discovery, connection, inclusion and lifelong learning


Community - Sharing of welcoming attitudes, diverse interests and goals

Inclusivity - Fairness in the treatment of all individuals

Patron Satisfaction - Providing exemplary service

Partnerships - Seeking collaborative connections

Lifelong Learning - The ongoing pursuit of literacy and knowledge

Community Engagement

Enhance engagement through partnerships, outreach and an active community presence.

Goal #1

To strengthen and develop community relationships to provide and enhance programs and services

Goal #2

To create opportunities and expand services beyond the physical space of our library

Goal #3

To be present and active in the community


Diversity and Inclusion

Celebrate diversity in an inclusive environment

Goal #1

To promote appreciation and understanding of our diverse community through programs and services.

Goal #2

To offer a space that is welcoming, supportive and safe.

Goal #3

To offer enhanced services for those with print disability or special needs.

Lifelong Learning

Stimulate and encourage a healthy and engaged mind

Goal #1

To provide children access to programs and services designed to foster a love of learning, literacy and creativity

Goal #2

To create opportunities for youth and adults to expand the scope of their interests

Goal #3

To provide seniors with access to programs and services to promote a healthy mind and combat isolation

Information Fluency

Empower residents by providing a central source of information and resources

Goal #1

To have front line staff manage queries in a timely and professional manner.

Goal #2

To develop and maintain a reference library with information providing quick answers to common questions.

Goal #3

To enable residents to gain the progressive skills needed to search for, evaluate and effectively use information.