colourful background, craft supplies and spices with white lettering

Discovery Series: Crafts and Recipes


Ages 16+


Every month we prepare kits with something new for you to try — a craft or spice, and alternate between the two each month. We hope this Discovery Series brings you inspiration for your next project!

colourful craft supplies background with white lettering

A creative DIY project and skill for you to try with supplies and instructions included.



Enjoy a quick crafting moment with this months creativity kit. In this kit you will find all you need to create an adorable Bunny face for hanging or as a magnet. Let's hope spring weather is to follow!

colourful spices on spoons background with white lettering

We have a new kit available every other month with a new international spice, tea, or other ingredient for you to try, including instructions to get you started.



Za'atar spice is a blend, and that blend can vary with its spices and measurements. Often, it includes toasted sesame seeds, salt, savory dried herbs such as oregano, marjoram, thyme, and ground sumac (suman adds that tanginess!)


Kits are prepared for the second week of every month


Pick up inside Morinville Community Library