Library Board

About the Board

The Library Board is a Council-appointed group that meets with library management once a month to provide advocacy and guidance. 

As per the Library Board Operations Policy, board trustees must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Candidates for Board membership must be committed to the Library’s mission, vision and values statement and Plan of Service (outlined in the library's current Plan of Service document).
  2. Prospective trustees must serve on one or more Board committees and devote time to the Library’s business. Committee selection will be done at the November Board meeting.
  3. Prospective trustees must represent the community served by the Library and also
    represent the Library to the community.
  4. Desirable traits are a willingness to contribute independent thought while working
    cooperatively with other Board Trustees, as well as a willingness to acquire and maintain an awareness of library services and programs.
  5. Specific qualifications or expertise in the functional areas of the Board (policy management, financial management, personnel management, program and service management, public relations and liaison activities, planning and evaluation) would be an asset.
  6. Candidates must have a current library membership.
  7. Trustees can expect to attend a library board meeting every month. Other demands may include attending seminars, committee meetings, training sessions, and meetings with Municipal or Provincial authorities.

The Board has full governing powers over the Library. Its status and powers come from the Alberta Libraries Act