Room & Equipment Rentals

COVID-19 Notice

Please note that due to COVID-19, we are unable to provide rented space or equipment at this time. Our proctoring service is still available during our current operating hours.

Room Rentals

The MCL has one meeting room that can be rented by individuals, groups, or organizations. Per policy, the meeting room cannot be rented for bazaars, religious services, fundraising events, or private functions other than those offered by the library.

Current library programs take priority over private room bookings.


Maximum occupancy:

  • With chairs and tables: 25
  • With chairs: 30
  • Standing room only: 40


  Within Library Hours Outside Library Hours
1 hour $30 $40/hour
4 hours $75
8 hours $100
Private Movie Booking $125  
Library Themed Birthday Parties: $125 - Weekends only


Room rental includes:

  • Chairs and tables 
  • Chair and table setup by library staff
  • Wifi access (subject to library Terms and Conditions)
  • Power bar and electrical outlet access
  • Kitchenette access (fridge, freezer, dishwasher, sink)

Room rental does not include:

  • Storage space
  • Equipment rental - please see our Equipment Rental section below for more details on equipment availability and fees
  • Cleaning - all room rentals require a $200 deposit for cleaning and damages, refunded once inspection has been completed by library staff 
  • Event or program facilitation - renters are responsible for the behaviour and safety of those in the room during the rental. For birthday parties, please see our Birthday Party page.


Room bookings are considered confirmed once the library receives full payment. Bookings cancelled prior to 1 week before the rental date will be charged a 10% administration fee. Bookings not cancelled, or cancelled less than one week before the rental, will be charged the full rental cost. 

To inquire about booking the library's meeting room, call the library at 780-939-3292 or email

Download our booking form:

Booking form: Room Rental

Equipment Rentals

Morinville Community Library has some equipment that can be rented; it must remain within the library building. In most cases, this will require equipment renters to rent the library's program room as well. Please see Room Rentals section above for more details.


Equipment Cost per Rental
Smart Screen & DVD player $50
Laptop (includes cord, mice, mousepad) $30
Computer lab (includes 10 laptops, cords, mice, mousepads) $300 ($250 + $50 staff setup and takedown)
Coffee/tea (includes carafes, kettle, coffee, tea, cream, sugar, cups) $20

All equipment rentals are subject to an additional $200 damage deposit, refundable upon inspection by staff.


Smart Screen:

  • Large screen with HDMI cable to connect to a personal laptop if needed
  • Built-in Windows 10 computer 
  • Speakers


  • Windows 10
  • Installed with Microsoft Office Professional software
  • No permanent storage (wiped after every use)

To inquire about booking the library's meeting room, call the library at 780-939-3292 or email

Download our booking form:

Booking form: Equipment Rental

Exam Proctoring

Morinville Community Library offers proctoring services to library cardholders and non-cardholders during the following hours:


Day Time MCL Cardholder Non-Cardholder
Monday 12:00-5:00 pm $20 (flat, per test) $30 (flat, per test)
Tues-Thurs 10:00 am-6:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am-4:00 pm
Other $30 per hour $30 per hour


All times (evening or weekend) outside of the hours listed above will be charged at $30.00 per hour (total hours allowed of scheduled test as per guidelines from school, per test). Any charges for printing, faxing or scanning are the responsibility of the student.

MCL cannot guarantee the availability of either the proctor room or a proctor, even during the times listed above. Please consider booking well in advance to reserve your preferred timeslot.

To book a proctoring timeslot, call 780-939-3292 during normal library operating hours.