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All Booked Up is Back in November!

October 26 2022
This October, we released our new (and very popular!) teen program called All Booked Up. This new program is a library book subscription box where each patron receives a themed YA book based on their preferences, and a bunch of other goodies such as hot chocolate, mugs, and pencils (think Owl Crate or Fairy Loot, but completely free!) The boxes are available for pickup on the first day of the month, and each book and box will need to be returned back to us by the last day of the month. You get to keep all of the other goodies inside. 
This program is the perfect way to get teens who are either indecisive about what they want to read, or have read everything and are looking for something new and willing to step outside their normal reading list. 

How sign-up works

Like we mentioned above, it is set up like a subscription—for November, the subscription is just for one month, but in December we will be rolling over to three-month subscriptions. This means teens can sign up for three boxes at a time, with the option to skip a box if they decide they don't like that month's theme (or to cancel their subscription entirely).
If you would like to sign up, you can visit our All Booked Up program page and register for the program! If you need more information or have any questions, feel free to contact us by visiting the library or calling us at 780-939-3292.
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