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Summer Reading Program

June 1 2023

On July 3rd, our 2023 Summer Reading Program officially starts! This year, “A Grand Adventure” is a fantasy-themed program featuring an array of mythical creatures and adventurous characters such as mermaids, dragons, fairies, and pirates!

This program is for all ages, and each reader will be placed on a team. The team names are: Team Ruby, Team Sapphire, Team Emerald, and Team Amethyst. We will be utilizing our Beanstack app for this program, and you will have the opportunity to win badges that give you tickets to exchange for prize entries! There will be prizes for top readers from both teams and age categories, along with weekly door prizes for visiting us and completing our library-wide scavenger hunts! Do you need to sign up for Beanstack? Get started here.

What else can you do, you ask? Activities, events, and challenges - oh my! Each Monday from 5-8 PM, there will be outdoor events, and there will be themed crafts happening all day in the library program room on Wednesdays! We will also leave the program room open for you to come in and hang out—whether it’s to read, play board games, or do daily crafts that have been provided for you. 

More information about the schedule will be provided toward the beginning of the program, until then, visit our program page for updates. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by visiting us at the library, calling us at 780-939-3292, or emailing us at We hope you see you soon!

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