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Canadian Library Month

October 17 2023

October is Canadian Library Month. During this month, libraries and library partners across Canada raise awareness of the valuable role libraries play in Canadians’ lives. 

We are proud to be a part of our community and support our patrons every chance we get.  With this in mind, and to celebrate the great things libraries can do for you, here is a top 10 list of why MCL is fabulous: 

  1. We are a safe, inviting environment and everyone is welcome here.  We are fiercely protective of this point and maybe that is why it is #1. EVERYONE IS WELCOME. ALWAYS.  

  2. Anyone can use the library. This might sound like the first reason, and honestly, we are not trying to pad the list. The point is, you do not need a library card to access all of our services. (but you do need a card if you would like to check out items) 

  3. The library is a great place to meet up with friends, or spend some quality alone time. The choice is yours.  While you are here you can browse the daily newspaper, read a book (we have a few to choose from), work on a puzzle, play board games, use a computer for free, visit our library pets, or study in a quiet space.

  4. You may have heard this one before — libraries are more than books!  Along with borrowing books, we also have magazines, video games, music CDs, movies & TV shows, audiobooks, and loanable boardgames! 

  5. We are open every day of the week! We are here for you – every day! As a bonus, we are accessible 24/7, if you want to explore our eResources at three in the morning! 

  6. We have fantastic programs and workshops that are free for everyone. Thanks to our amazing programming staff, we have fun crafts, activities, clubs and events always on the go. We strive to have something for everyone (also made possible with  the generous support of community sponsors). Community partners also offer programs and workshops that take place in our space (if not free, their cost is usually as low as possible). 

  7. We have ESL resources! If you are learning English as a second language, we can help you find the right tools— workbooks, practice tests, and reading material. 

  8. We are a great place to start your research project. Trying to find material on hard-to-find subjects? We are here to help you find it. Did you know we can access 200+ libraries throughout Alberta?  

  9. We have resources for patrons with print disabilities. Ask us at the front desk! 

  10. Last, but not least, we have friendly and knowledgeable staff who will go the extra mile for you. Disagree? We will fight you. (Okay, not really, but you get the point. Also, yay – you read the whole list. Thank you!)