24 Days to Christmas

24 Days Calendar

No bag? No fear!

We know our 24 Days of Christmas bags went quickly, so we wanted to share as much as we could with everyone this holiday season! Below is our 24 Days of Christmas calendar - every day, you can click on the right square and it'll show you what we're doing. Missed a day? Don't worry - each day will have all the other days for you to catch up with.

To help you prep, we've also included a list of all the supplies you'll need, although we won't spoil which days use which supplies.

Enjoy your holiday season, everyone!



A huge thank you to our sponsor, Morinville Dental Clinic, for supporting this program.

Supply List

Here is the list of supplies we provided in our bags - follow along on the 24 Days of Christmas Calendar to see how they're used!

Keep in mind many crafts and recipes also use scissors, glue, and kitchen supplies - we didn't provide these in the bags.

Supplies Amount
Beads 20
Box of smarties 1
Buttons 3
Candy cane 2
Candy eyes 2
Card stock, white 1
Cinnamon stick 1
Coloured printer paper (purple or blue) 1
Construction paper - red 2
Construction paper - black 1
Construction paper - blue 1
Construction paper - brown 1
Construction paper - dark green 1
Construction paper - light green 1
Construction paper - orange 1
Construction paper - white 1
Cotton balls 6
Large doily (ours was 6") 1
Smaller doily (ours was 4") 1
Eye stickers or googly eyes 4
Black felt 1 small piece
Coloured felt or construction paper - whichever colour you like 1
Foam star 1
Green Felt 6"x6"
Hot chocolate packet 1
Paint - red, blue, or green 1
Paper - white 4
Paper plate 2
Pom poms 5
Popsicle sticks 5
Silicon Spoon mold (we bought ours on Amazon) 1
String or twine 3 ft
Toilet paper roll 1
Toothpick 10