Blind Date with a Book!




Take the leap and try a blind date – with a book, that is. This is no ordinary blind date. We are inviting patrons of all ages to bring in a book they think others would enjoy. (This means you are essentially donating your book — you will not get the book back.)


February 1 to 29


How it works

Step 1: Bring in the book you are giving away

Step 2: Go to our blind date wrapping station and fill out a card describing your book (without giving anything away of course!), wrap your book in brown paper and add your book to the blind date shelf. 

Include on the card provided:

  • an age rating (children's, YA, or adult)
  • genre of the book 
  • small description of the story (eg. tropes used in story, small blurb, or favourite (non-spoiler) quote).

Step 3: Choose a blind date book for yourself!

You do not need to bring in a book to participate. Drop in and pick up your blind date book and enjoy!


Bring in one book only per visit, and only take one book in exchange

You are allowed take a book and not offer one in exchange

Books must be in good condition