Email Setup


Richard, CAP Youth Intern
What is Hotmail? allows you to create a free e-mail account and many other services. It is very useful if you need a basic e-mail account to send and receive messages.
Starting Out
The first thing to do on reaching is to click “Sign Up” near the bottom of the page. This will take you to a page offering one of three choices: Basic Hotmail, Hotmail Plus, or Hotmail Premium. Since only the basic setup is free, click on “Get it Free” to proceed.
Address and Password
You are now in the process of creating your account. The first thing you will do is set your e-mail address and password.
  • To set your address, you must supply your country or region, in this case, Canada, and then the address you wish to use. As there are thousands of people using Hotmail, there is a very good chance that your name, and various permutations of it will not be available. Click “Check Availability” to see if you can use an address.
  • Choosing a good password can be difficult. Personal information, e.g. your mother’s maiden name, is very easily exploited. A strong password contains both upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols. Once you have a password you can remember, retype it in the second field below. Hotmail requires a minimum of six characters in a password.
  • Next you must set your password recovery options. You must choose from one of several preset questions such as your favourite fictional character, or your first job. Answering this question correctly will give you your account password if you’ve forgotten it. Optionally, you can select an alternate e-mail address to which your password can be sent.
Account Information
In this section you will be asked to fill in a good amount of personal information. You will need to supply your name, gender, birth date, province, postal code, time zone, and occupation. Your first and last name will be sent with all outgoing messages.
The last step is to type a series of 8 irregularly shaped characters. This is to make sure that it is an actual person creating the account and not a program.
Once all of these criteria have been met, you’re ready to create your account. If you wish, you can read the MSN service and privacy agreements. To finish, type your new e-mail address into the field at the bottom of the screen and click “I Accept”.